Looks Like University Of Illinois - Tanner Heckel

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Tanner Heckel

Two Tanners, both played 8-man football in high school... I had to write both LLUOI articles the same day, right? I had to.

And yes, that's a photo collage I made of various Tanner Heckel photos I found from Heckel's various awards and honors. I had to. Just wait until I get to this list of Tanner Heckel's high school accomplishments.

First, though – because I can't wait – let's get to the first gif. Every year I'll laugh out loud when watching someone's film. I did it with the Seth Coleman full-field rundown. I did it with the Dawson DeGroot tackle where the opponent's helmet popped off. And I did it when making this gif.

Wait for it. And, I mean... just wait for it. You'll be watching #3 run the ball, but then #4 (Heckel) reappears near the end of the clip.


That poor kid. You can see the ref think about throwing a blindside block flag before he realizes that there wasn't any blindside to it at all. The quarterback Transformer'd into a freight train off screen and there was nothing that kid could do even though he saw it coming.