Looks Like University Of Illinois - Joe Barna

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Joe Barna

And now for one of those "why didn't anyone tell me?" LLUOI articles. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, and we just finished working in the yard, and while my wife flips through Facebook while watching The Office I'm sitting here watching some Hudl film of Joe Barna and wondering why no one told me. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?

(This isn't your fault. It's my fault for not getting to the Joe Barna LLUOI until a full year after he committed.)

I knew he had some solid offers. I remember thinking "well, there goes that one" when he got the Oklahoma offer last June. But then he visited and committed a few weeks later (and enrolled early) and here we are having landed Joe Barna from Wheaton North. Which only leaves me with one question. IS JOE BARNA THE SECOND COMING OF RED GRANGE?

Actually, I can't remember which high school claims Grange. It's WWS, right? I guess maybe there was just one Wheaton high school back then and now there are several so maybe no high schools in Wheaton can technically claim Grange? But I'm still going to look this up.

Well that research ended real quick. The football field at Wheaton-Warrenville South is Red Grange Field. So my first instinct was correct. Grange belongs to WWS. So I regret to tell you that Joe Barna will not be Red Grange 2.0. HE'LL BE JOE BARNA 1.0.

But seriously, why didn't anyone tell me? This is great film. Highest of high motors. I absolutely understand why Oklahoma (and Wisconsin, and Missouri, and others) offered him. This is the exact same pass rusher who destroyed us at Wisconsin from 1998 through 2021. But this time he'll be in orange and blue.

I mean, please watch this first clip 20 times. Why didn't anyone tell me about THIS: