That seems to be the main question. "I get it, this was a gut-job for both programs, and Year Two for football was about playing all the freshmen and Year Two for basketball will be about playing all the freshmen. So when will we win?" Great question

State Of The Program

I've been reading some of the State Of The Program posts on The All American (The Athletic's college football site - if you don't subscribe... you should subscribe). I figured they won't do one for Illinois (who would care?), so maybe I should write

Pick My Post - Pick My College Years

Just your normal 17 hour day today. I have about 45 minutes before I crash, so I asked for a Pick My Post on Twitter. Lots of good responses, but I chose this one. If I could move my college years to any span of years in the Illini timeline, what would


There's some good discussion going on in the comments of the previous post. I responded a few times there, and as I started to do so again, I figured I'd just make it into another post. So maybe this will be more of a Q&A post than anything. I love

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Playing The Odds

I don't follow many Illini people on Twitter. I mostly don't follow those who offer opinions - I don't want their opinions all mixed up with my own in my head because it's impossible to de-tangle. But I've seen some tweets (and retweets) on this

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Andres Feliz

It's rare that I get to write one of these for a player I've seen in person. Before the football scrimmage on Saturday, I went over to Ubben with my friend Carmen and we watched Andres Feliz and Alan Griffin scrimmage with (what's left of) the basketball

Post-Spring Depth Chart 2018

There was only one spring practice where we got to see the depth chart played out live. And because they were tackling, they held several starters out. So this is one of the tougher post-spring depth charts I've done. So much to learn come August


I thought about it all day. I wrote about it some in the recap of the football scrimmage, but it's still bouncing around in my head. The words still need to get out. I need to find a way to put this complete and total athletic overhaul into words

Lost Spring

I went to the basketball scrimmage at Ubben this morning and was reminded, very starkly, that we only have six players right now. And then I went to the football scrimmage and was reminded, very starkly, that we're not there yet.

This is not a bad

More Uniform

I have this deadline on Friday afternoon, so I go into work at 6:00 (which is WAY early for me). One long day and I can crank it out. So what happens? We drop new uniforms at 7:30 am and I have to spend all day not looking at them. So, since I woke up

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Tevian Jones

Now that's more like it. After adding three off-the-radar recruits, we're now firmly back on the radar with a commitment from Tevian Jones. The pickings are slim when you're trying to find players in the spring, but Brad Underwood identified Jones last

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Giorgi Bezhanishvili

I just spent 25 useless minutes searching for a snippet from a post I wrote after Underwood was hired (but I couldn't find it). In it I talked about his recruiting and how, given his specific offense, we might add some recruits who leave us scratching

Back & Forth - The Roster

With all of these players departing (Smith, Black, Finke, and Lucas), we'll now likely have more new players (7) than returning players (6) next season. So I needed Tyler's help in calming me down - I was headed to a really dark place. I spent all

Hard To Ignore

Ed Note: I'm posting this under my byline (Robert) until we get Ben's byline fixed, but just know that if it's a baseball post, it's from Ben The Baseball Guy. And Ben has a fun thing to write about this season - the Illini having one of the best hitters

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