My August Plan

(free article) The days of getting to watch 14 hours of football camp the first few weeks of August are gone. It's now 20 minutes per day - around two hours per week if there's six practices - and all we get to see are the individual drills. The next

The 90 Illini #27: Jafar Armstrong

I write the Verdis Brown 90 Illini post and then 12 hours later we find out he moved from offense back to defense. So now I'm hesitant here. What if I write the Jafar Armstrong 90 Illini post and then he moves to safety? OK, he's not moving to safety

The 90 Illini #28: Seth Coleman

Our son and his wife are currently boarding their airplane. There's a 20-minute window where the media can watch practice today (individual drills with position coaches) and I'm headed there in 20 minutes. This is essentially the end of offseason for

The 90 Illini #29: Verdis Brown

Just had a few paragraphs to add to several of these 90 Illini posts which were written in advance. And it's 4:09 on Sunday and this is the first time I've opened my laptop in 74 hours. The whole famdamily was here this weekend (all sons, all wives,

Exploring The New Ubben - Part II

Yesterday I covered the floor plans. But some people struggle with floor plans. Those "what am I looking at here?" meetings with clients always lead to "well, let us work up some renderings so you can see what it's going to look like." So for Part II

The 90 Illini #30: Jamal Woods

Give me one injury free season for Jamal Woods, please. Well, don't give it to me. Give it to Jamal Woods. Give Jamal Woods one injury-free season, please. Woods played in 11 games as a true freshman in 2017 (and was named to the BTN All Freshman team)

Exploring The New Ubben - Part I

So if you're unaware of my history, I started blogging in 2009 as a hobby. In real life, I was a Landscape Architect in St. Louis. That's what it says on my degree from Illinois (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, one of those weird degrees where it's

The 90 Illini #31: Eddie Smith

One month from today, Illini football. Seems crazy, what with no training camp schedule (or any preseason information at all), but it's true. August 28th, actual football. Which means we're probably what, 100 days or so from the first basketball

The 90 Illini #32: Calvin Hart Jr.

Feels like we're firmly in the regular rotation now. 11 starters on offense, 11 starters on defense, kicker, punter, 'snapper - that's 25. I covered the starting longsnapper yesterday at #33, so the top-33 on this list would be the 25 starters plus the

Freshman Jersey Number Day 2021

I wait all summer for FJND and then it drops hours before I leave for a quick beach vacation. I had done well, writing several posts in advance (and on the airplane) so that I could relax at the beach and not sit there writing 90 Illini posts all day

The 90 Illini #33: Ethan Tabel

Tuh-BELL. Ethan Tabel has been the starting longsnapper for five years now and I still hear people saying "table." Not Ethan Table, Ethan tuhBELL. Hmmm... since Tabel has been the longsnapper for five seasons and Blake Hayes has been the punter for

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Jared Badie

Am I actually... caught up? I'm pretty sure I'm caught up. It's so dumb that I even needed to catch up in the first place, but I came out of my May "I don't write much in May so I can recharge my brain" mental vacation a week early this year. Started

The 90 Illini #34: Artur Sitkowski

I wrote about this in his LLUOI post, but I'll say it again: I'm not sure any Illini transfer has grown on me more than Sitkowski. When I heard the news, I was a bit confused. An already crowded QB room and we're adding the guy who was famous for

The 90 Illini #35: Tarique Barnes

If there was a breakout player in 2020 (weird season, only eight games, disappointing everything, coach was fired), it was Tarique Barnes. In that disaster of a Wisconsin game, there were 60 lowlights and one highlight: Tarique Barnes. In case you

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