In Your Head

I was never a basketball player. Well, that's not true. In 5th grade I qualified for the "traveling team" at the end of the community center 5th-grade league where I was the 12th-man on a 12 man team and rode the bench for 8-10 games. I remember being

Back And Forth - February

It's been too long since Tyler and I bounced a post back and forth. This one started with genuine curiousity on my end: I know we abandoned the Underwood defense this season, but have we abandoned the offense as well? And if so, what was the point of

Pick My Post IV - Milestones

This is apparently now just a Pick My Post blog. You tell me what to write, I write it. Actually, that's not a bad idea. Maybe that's all I do one day per week? I could call it "here you go" and just ask for post ideas on Twitter and then "here you go"

Pick My Post III - Enemies

I decided to spread these out. It's something I have to work on. I've always been very "no posts for two days, then three posts one morning" about how I publish things here, but I need to look at this more like the websites I read. The ones that space

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Pick My Post II - Football Schedule

On to the next one. I think I'm doing three of these today. Maybe four. Maybe I'll just sit here for 12 hours and do 10 of them. What else am I going to do? I started with a basketball question and now I'll take a football question and then maybe a

Pick My Post I - Next Year

I've decided to choose three of the Pick My Post questions from this morning, not just two as I originally said. Why three? Because I have a tiny bit of free time here, so why not take all morning and write three posts? Maybe I'll put them all in one

O Ye Of Little Faith

We have a chance to go up double digits but Ayo misses the and-1 free throw. Penn State then goes on a run and takes the lead and everything inside me says "here we go again". So I tweet that we've reached the "fun while it lasted" part of the game.

I'm Moving To Champaign

23 years, 1 month, and 13 days. That's how long I was at my former job. I say "former" because Friday was my last day. Why my last day? Because my wife and I are leaving St. Louis and moving to Champaign. This post might be a little long.


A Play In Four Acts

It's kind of crazy how emotionless this game was for me. One, Ayo is out, and Rutgers is undefeated at home, so I had already counted this one as a loss. Two, it's Rutgers, and I feel no "rivalry" whatsoever. I don't clench my fists when I see their

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Taz Nicholson

I feel a rant coming on. I usually do this when I have to catch up on an LLUOI post. I'm thinking about the recruit, but I'm also thinking about some recruiting thing. Today's rant: small recruiting classes and their ranking. Or perhaps I should say

Happy Opening Day!

Spent the last 2 hours looking for a Happy Opening Day card for my wife. All I saw was pink hearts and some little dude with an arrow. Evidently there's some fake-holiday today for archery.

Back to the real task at hand -- Fighting Illini baseball.


Baseball in a Blizzard

As I write this, it's snowing outside. Not just snowing, it's coming down hard. And the sky was just some weird pink tint. This may be the end times. But you know what they say, if there's snow on the ground, it must be baseball season. _checks notes

Sports Are Cruel

I'm just sitting here sick to my stomach. Not because of the last-second loss, but because of Ayo Dosunmu's injury. The only information I have right now is people tweeting me that the replay looked "really, really bad" and that his knee bent in an

Vacation Thoughts

I think a lot on vacation. My wife starts a new job this week, so we figured we'd sneak in a quick trip to a beach before she has to build up vacation days. Our choice: Puerto Rico. Never been. Will go back. 4.5 Tom Cruises. Really, really great trip

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