Here I am, writing a 90 Illini post on a lovely Sunday evening, perfectly content, and now after watching a 39-second Twitter video I'm in one of my "no no no no NO" moods. I don't know if you kids really understand what getting old is like, but somewhere

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Josh Kreutz

This is a strange recruitment. Strange is the wrong word. This whole thing reminds me of Andres Feliz. The offer list doesn't make any sense. I know it's weird to make a basketball comp for football recruiting, but I trip over the same thing in these

The 90 Illini #70: Kenyon Sims

This whole "non-conference schedule canceled" thing sucks, but it's perfect for one thing: this countdown to the season which is woefully behind (as usual). Now, if the first game is September 19th or whatever, I have plenty of time to count all the

2020 Out Of Focus

I'm a bit torn with this news (the news that Big Ten non-conference schedules are canceled). On one hand, if this gets us some form of college football this fall, so be it. Whatever it takes. On the other hand, the season I've been pointing to for years

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Kalen Villanueva

Hey look at that - a football player commits, I had just finished what I was doing for the day, and I have all afternoon with nothing to do so I can write the LLUOI within 15 minutes of the verbal. Well, it won't be published within 15 minutes of the

Looks Like University Of Illinois - DD Snyder

Pretty excited about this one. Both the recruit and this post because this is my chance to debut the new Tom Cruise graphics. The old graphics were my first foray into Photoshop in the summer of 2013. The new Cruise graphics came from a reader who

The 90 Illini #71: Alec McEachern

My new methodology worked fairly well here. One of the walkons set to appear on this list - Jordan Holmes - announced today that he was leaving the program. The wording of his message on Instagram made it sound like he was done with football (perhaps

The 90 Illini #72: Carlos Sandy

Here's the difficult thing when evaluating Carlos Sandy. He only played in one game last season: the bowl game. But because the staff only releases "notable" injuries (an hour before each game), we don't really know if he was injured all season or if

The 90 Illini #73: Nick Fedanzo

There were six intentional redshirts last season. "Intentional" meaning the coaches took advantage of the new rule (new as of 2018) where players who participate in four-or-less games can still redshirt. Evan Kirts and Josh Plohr didn't get on the field

Tracking Tom Cruises

Let's just get this out of the way. What I'm about to do here is just about the dumbest thing I've ever done. I'm going to analyze my own analysis. I'm going to go over a bunch of data and then tell you what I think that data means, and that data was

The 90 Illini #74: Cooper Davis

I should probably add something to this like "potential riser alert". Like when there's a top-40 radio list and one of the songs is noted as a potential fast riser. Cooper Davis is a true freshman defensive end, and true freshman defensive ends usually

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Brandon Lieb

It's just all so weird. Everything, right now, is weird. Recruiting is weird because there are no visits and no in-person evaluations. Both the football and basketball seasons are in jeopardy as Covid surges once again. And now we land a basketball

The 90 Illini #75: Deuce Spann

When I was a kid I had this collection of NFL mini helmets. The real tiny plastic ones. I'd arrange them by the current standings, and then in the offseason I'd arrange them in draft order and such. Other kids were playing with their GI Joe's but I was

The 90 Illini #76: Bryce Barnes

I wonder if Bryce Barnes could have ever imagined being in that photo. You're a football player at a small high school, you decide to walk on at a Big Ten program instead of taking a scholarship to some Division II school, and in your very first autumn

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