The 90 Illini - 20 ~ 16

This is one of the harder 90i lists I've ever done. I always put the list together in May and then adjust as I go (lots of adjustments come during camp), but this list still doesn't feel complete. We just won't know how much Lovie is going to lean on

Training Camp 2017 XXII: Camp Superlatives

Every time I write this post I go back through the archives to find last year's post (so I can remember the categories). Feels like I've done this two or three times, but my search reveals this is the sixth Camp Superlatives post. It's times like this

The 90 Illini - 25 ~ 21

I use a template for these posts (obviously). And the template has the "X years to play X" part for each player. When it's a senior, I have to remember to delete the "s" off the end of "years" so it says "1 year to play 1". I feel like I haven't deleted

The Hole

I still have several more camp posts to write (including superlatives!), but this thought has been bouncing around in my head for a week and I need to get it out. That "hole" we dug with the Beckman investigation/Cubit extension - what's it look like

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Training Camp 2017 XXI: Updated Depth Chart

So many changes pre-camp to post-camp this year. Mostly because the freshmen have inserted themselves everywhere, some, perhaps, as starters from day one. With a better handle on things after returning from my second trip up to camp, here's my updated

Training Camp 2017 XX: Choosing Our Guys

Craig joined me at camp last week and we chose our teams again. And as I type that it sound like Craig and I went to some sports camp and picked teams. I did participate in a sports camp once - perhaps I'll start this one with a story.

So back in the

Training Camp 2017 XIX: Saturday Scrimmage Thoughts

Long. This one is going to go long. I was all disappointed that they cancelled practice on Friday but then was rewarded with, like, 1,261 plays in Saturday's scrimmage. It's the most plays I've ever seen an Illini team run at one practice. So I have a

Training Camp 2017 XVIII: Saturday Interviews

I'll be honest - I was disappointed that James McCourt lost his Irish accent after moving to the United States when he was eight. I wanted him to tell me I had a head like a bag of spuds or something. Still a fun interview though, as was walkon Christian

Training Camp 2017 XVII: Highway Thoughts

I have a lot to write now that I'm back home. Today's scrimmage (SO many thoughts). More mailbag questions. Craig and I picked our "guys". But first, some thoughts from the highway while driving home. I covered this camp in two phases, and I feel

Training Camp 2017 XVI: Mailbag III

I just realized I'm putting two Roman numerals in the title for thise. POST XVII, MAILBAG IX, QUESTION VXI. Maybe I should mix it up with actual numbers. Or letters. Or maybe I should stop talking about such silly things and get to the next set of

Training Camp 2017 XV: Mailbag II

Let's go to the emails for this mailbag post. I'll just use first names and last initial - I never know if people would be skittish about me using their full name. On Twitter, yes, they're submitting under their full name (most of the time). On email

Training Camp 2017 XIV: Mailbag I

Well, Mailbag Day took a bit of a turn. I always ask for mailbag questions and then go to practice to look for those things, but Lovie cancelled practice today. So I'll have to just do all of these from memory. Here are my answers to your questions.

The 90 Illini - 30 ~ 26

We're in the 20's now and this list contains four sophomores and a freshman. I didn't intend for that to be the case when I made the rankings, it's just a function of this team. The youth will never not surprise me when I stumble upon it. We'll likely

Training Camp 2017 XIII: The Freshmen

I talk about the youth. I say things like "youngest team in college football?". I write posts about the incoming freshmen and how Lovie might use several of them right away. And then I watch practice and we're leaning on the freshmen even more than I

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