The 90 Illini - 55~51

We're right on the edge now. I look at a football two-deep as 50 players. 11 offensive players and their backups, 11 defensive players and their backups, two kickers, two punters, two long-snappers. So we're pretty much at "players I expect to see on

So Easy

Following football recruiting is frustrating because you never know that you know. You can land a great quarterback and a blue chip linebacker but will the lines hold up? 85 recruits is a lot. Basketball? Basketball is so easy. Don't be empty at a

The 90 Illini - 60~56

I have 32 minutes before I have to be somewhere. I already filled out the players and their information so all I have to do is fill in the "what I know about him" and "what I expect from him" parts. Can I do that in 31 minutes? I'll have to do it all

Forever Young

Let's turn on the excuse machine. That's not what this post is - it's an honest assessment of the roster as it currently stands - but that's usually how a post like this is received. This staff has chosen a longform rebuild, and when I attempt to

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

The 90 Illini - 65~61

Onward we march towards the top-50. Fifty is usually the line of "this player is going to play, and he's probably going to play a lot, but when you have a head coach who played 22 true freshman last season (21 scholarship players and one walkon), these

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Fabian McCray

This is the kind of battle we need to consistently win. West Virginia, Minnesota, Purdue, Rutgers, Kentucky, Iowa State... he picks Illinois. Continually win these, then continually win games, then continually beat out even better programs for even

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Camilo Eifler

This is an area where I want to live. If I was a college football coach, I would hammer this kind of recruiting. There are disgruntled players on every big-time roster in college football. Find them and offer them playing time. 85 players, 22 in the

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Adonis De La Rosa

Pretty good day yesterday. A 4-star linebacker transfers in, the top wide receiver in the state verbals, and a fifth-year transfer for the basketball team (and a big!). I'll do the LLOUI posts in order of when they announced, so let's start with Adonis

The 90 Illini - 70~66

Oops, I did it again. I played with the chart, got lost in the names. When putting together my 90 Illini list, I added Jartavius Martin twice. Which means I now have a slot in the 70's that I have to fill with a walkon. Someone is getting a promotion

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Nick Fedanzo

What say we do another How I Watch Film. Or maybe I should call it What I Watch For When I Watch Film. No wait, I think I've got it: Watch Better Film With These Five Simple Tricks. YOU WON'T BELIEVE NUMBER FOUR.

I promise this post will be about new

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Anthony Higgs

The main reason I spent three hours researching fifth-year transfer big men last week? Because we're desperate for frontcourt players and I was pretty sure all of the high school bigs were gone. Well, there was basically one left, and now he's picked

The 90 Illini - 75~71

It's June 25th and I'm already behind. That's just so typically me. But it's still early, right? I mean, I have some vacation days next week so I could crank out one every other day or something. I'll catch up. I always do. Very soon I'll get lost in

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Kyron Cumby

I'll start with this: Lovie could now put together a 4x100 relay team for the 2019 Big Ten Track & Field Championships just by using players from the 2019 recruiting class... and I don't think he'd finish last. They'd be running against heavily


I have this "fine, I'll do it myself" part to my personality that's SUPER lame. You've seen it before on here. Ron Zook doesn't understand how field position is hurting his team of future NFL players? I WILL BE THE ONE TO TELL HIM. I'm having similar

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