Looks Like University Of Illinois - Mark Alstork

Resolved: when battling other high-major schools for a player named Mark, Brad Underwood will always win. It's science. He won for Mark Smith and now he won for Mark Alstork. Therefore, every player named Mark will always pick Illinois. Note: we haven't

Spring Mailbag V

OK, this one really isn't even a mailbag post. I'll just be answering one question. But I've been thinking a lot about this question since it was tweeted to me the night I asked for some mailbag questions, and tonight I think I settled on my answer.

Spring Mailbag IV

I'm going to just keep going back to the well on these mailbag questions. Sometimes I think I should just crowdsource every post topic. You people come up with some really interesting things to write about. This first question was doubled-up. Someone

Don't Call It A Comeback

We're Illini fans. We don't believe in comebacks anymore. When our team is trailing late and starts to surge, we say one thing: "fake rally". We're only pretending to come back, not actually doing it. We're just making things interesting before the

Fighting Illini Upcoming Schedule

Spring Mailbag III

So my wife and I get this Blue Apron box and I'm all "I'm going to surprise her with a nice dinner" and then I screwed up the RICE. I nailed the Tandoori chicken and I screwed up the RICE. I'm seriously going to struggle to fall asleep tonight because

Spring Mailbag II

I should do this more often. This and Pick My Post posts. You people are just the best for crowdsourcing post ideas. I'm not sure why I have this "mailbags occur after spring football and during training camp" rule. I mean, I made the rule - why

Spring Mailbag I

I'm just so out of sorts with no "spring" football this year. As a man of routine, I've felt out of sync since March. So let's get back in some type of groove by running through a few mailbag posts. Beginning with today's arrests.

First off, I'm not

Metro East

I think I figured out why I enjoyed Mark Smith's commitment ceremony so much. You know, besides the fact that a 4-star guard perfect for Underwood's offense picked Illinois over Michigan State and Kentucky. I love the Metro East - Illini connection

Twin Killing

For the next two-plus seasons, when he sits down to make out his lineup card, Illinois baseball coach Dan Hartleb won't have to worry about the middle of the infield - Mike Massey and Ben Troike have it covered, just as they had during their travel-ball

Kentucky Derby Preview

"I returned" said Ecclesiastes, "and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill, but time and chance happen

Illini Night Contest - 2017

OK, Cubs and Whitesoxers - please tune me out. It's time for the yearly contest where I partner with the Cardinals to give away tickets to Illini Night at Busch. Now with 100% more Lovie!

Last year the contest was "why I want to take Mom to Illini

Scouting Mark Smith

All aboard the hype train!!!! If you follow Illinois recruiting obsessively (you're reading Illiniboard so you likely do), then you've spent the last week gorging yourself on highlight videos of Mark Smith dropping hammers and firing away

Looks Like University Of Illinois - Mark Smith

This whole thing was a shot in the arm for me. I've mostly taken April "off" this year (instead of my usual May break), and I've felt the batteries recharging this last week. Today, a jolt of energy: Illini basketball stared down the blue bloods and


So we've completed 2011/12 all over again (fire the football coach and both basketball coaches, hire three replacements in one year's time). This time, with this AD, we went with coaching, coaching, and coaching. So why am I still hung up on

Football Recruiting Headquarters

Needs, targets, and gut-feels on the 2017 football recruiting class, all in one link:

Football Recruiting HQ

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