We Love No Other 7.12 - Highway Q&A Leaving NYC

We Love No Other 7.12 - Highway Q&A Leaving NYC

Ever driven across the Delmarva? Maybe I'm supposed to write it as "DeMarVa." It's the peninsula that's part Delaware, part Maryland, part Virginia. Del-Mar-VA. I would have stuck with "Vir" for Virginia instead of the abbreviation and gone with "Delmarvir" but I don't get to make these decisions.

This podcast is me driving across the Delmarva peninsula. I start out in Delaware and by the time I'm finishing the recording, well, that's what I'm looking at right there - the bridge connecting the Delmarva with Norfolk, Virginia. At the very end when I say "I'm gonna snap a photo real quick"… that's the photo.

In this pod I answered your questions, then Carmen called me and since I was recording through my laptop I took that call live on the air, and then, at the end, I played music through the car speakers, recording it on my laptop, which as everyone knows is the single best way to record great audio. I'm a podcasting genius.

This is very long (2 hours and 20 minutes), but hey, I had nothing else to do. I was driving to North Carolina to visit a friend before heading to Knoxville on Friday (the next game is Saturday morning at 11:00 am at Tennessee) so why not record 140 minutes of gibberish?

Here's that gibberish. Enjoy.

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