We Love No Other 7.14 - From The Highway

We Love No Other 7.14 - From The Highway

I hear from a surprisingly large number of people that the "From The Highway" pods are their favorite. I don't think I really understand why. I feel much better about them when I have a guest. And a real microphone. And no highway noise.

But the people want what the people want, so here's another "me talking into one of those little dangly headphone mics while driving down the highway" podcast. I take around 12-15 of your Twitter questions, I believe, and answer them while I drive back from Columbus.

And yes, I cover what I tweeted yesterday about the rental car and how dumb I am. That's how I open the episode. And then I immediately share another "do you want to know how much of an idiot I am?" story from 25 years ago. So if you only have 15 minutes, just click the play button below and listen to the first fifteen minutes. I promise you'll laugh (at me, not with me).

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