The BoardRoom 4.12 - Michigan Mauled (Again)

The BoardRoom 4.12 - Michigan Mauled (Again)

I've been playing around with the bells and whistles of the new website today. And this will be a test to see how the "featured post" thing works. I'm going to publish the BoardRoom podcast episode after the Michigan game last night, and my hope is that it will A) show up underneath the featured post and B) show up in the podcast feed at the bottom of the front page.

You don't care, but on the old site, the top four spots (the top article and the three underneath) were all "featured post" spots. And they arranged themselves by the order that they were published. If I wanted to keep a game article at the very top and then, say, the From The Stands directly underneath, I had to make sure to publish them in the right order. If I de-selected "featured post", it would slide all the way down to the fifth spot. Again, you don't care.

This system should be different. So here we go. The BoardRoom episode from last night is embedded below. You can find that (basketball-only) podcast on Apple Podcasts here or on Spotify here. I'll also add the player below. If everything works, the "Hi Henry" article will stay at the top, this will go in the "recent stories" below, and then this will also show up as part of the podcast feed at the bottom.

Here goes....

(Edit: It didn't work. Still moved the top article down and put this one at the top. I shall continue to play with said bells and said whistles.)

(Edit #2: I changed the time that this was published so that it would fall in line behind the other article. Which I don't think I like because it means I could write an article on Sunday that says "I bet the Illinois Maryland score will be XX-XX" and then backdate it to today. And then in a few weeks after everyone has forgotten what order I wrote everything I could point to it and say "remember when I predicted the exact score of the Illinois - Maryland game? Check the date on this post it's three days before the game." Anyway, I figured out how to move posts around on the front page. And I don't know why I'm telling you that because no one is reading this. I could literally put anything here and no one will ever see it. Dave Grohl for President. Jim Harbaugh is an actual robot I saw the panel on the back of his head once. Illinois will beat Maryland 79-70 on Saturday.)