The BoardRoom 4.21 - Illini To The Sweet 16

The BoardRoom 4.21 - Illini To The Sweet 16

There is a very select number of people who know what this means:

"CHATTANOOGA... Kelvin Sampson... Arizona... Michigan... Bill Self... North Carolina."

It was night in Pittsburgh in 2022 (the night where I drank too many Fireball shots) where an eclectic group of IlliniBoard people - Jim and his brother, Brandon Indianapolis & DQ, Jonny and Dylan, Don and his fraternity brother, Carmen and I, a few others - sat around dreaming about the Sweet 16. It got a little out of bounds and there are screenshots of FaceTimes on my phone that look like this:

That is a sweaty man.

While I wish that I would have been able to be there last night to watch us actually make the Sweet 16, I'm still thrilled that I could watch it on TV. And by watching it on TV, I got to see Jonny and Dylan be the star of the show.

Here's their first two appearances:

The camera loved them.

So, so much.

I cannot tell you how happy these screenshots make me. A true full circle moment. SWEET SIXTEEN.

So here's Jonny and the other BoardRoom guys talking about this incredible night. If you want to listen on Apple Podcasts that's here, if you want to listen on Spotify that's here, and if you want to listen online right now, that's here: