That's Where You'll Find Me

That's Where You'll Find Me

This one was supposed to be High Above The Chimney Tops. But it's not. I'm going with That's Where You'll Find Me.

If you hadn't noticed, I had set up six titles for six articles during our run to the national championship in 2024. The plan:

Wake Up - Morehead State
Where The Clouds Are Far Behind Me - Duquesne
Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops - Iowa State
High Above The Chimney Tops - UConn
That's Where You'll Find Me - Semifinal
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Title Game

And then, if we lost – like, if we lost in the title game again – maybe I'd use "Why Then Oh Why Can't I?" But I didn't think we were going to lose. I fully believed that we were a team of destiny this year and I wanted to have the six article titles determined in advance because I'd then remember writing them forever. I am, and forever will be, a guy who sees the world as "it is happening? I think it's happening!"

Which means I had already planned out High Above The Chimney Tops for tonight. And then when we'd beat Alabama in the semifinal I could go with "That's Where You'll Find Me" (as in, at the title game on Monday night). And then, once the dream was achieved, I'd write "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and you'd frame it on your wall.

But I'm not a happy little bluebird. UConn did to us what they did to Stetson, Northwestern, and San Diego State (they've had a 30 point lead in all four games this tournament) and now we're headed home. Phoenix is not where you'll find me.

Instead, I was seated courtside in Boston watching the trophy presentation and the net cutting ceremony. I wanted to stay because I wanted to imagine what it would be like. It's painful to watch someone else cut down the nets (especially when you're essentially at a road game), but this was my first opportunity to experience a regional final ceremony and I wanted to daydream. Yes, daydream while experiencing a nightmare.