Same Story Different Ending

Same Story Different Ending
Photo Credit: Illinois Sports Information

I was internally melting down with about four minutes left. Just last week I wrote about how the second half against Nebraska and both halves against Michigan State were the same. We'd get a lead and then we'd blow it.

So when we had that seven point lead, and then we blinked, and then Donta Scott tied the game with a pair of free throws, I was taken right back to last Saturday (and the previous Sunday). Here's what I tweeted when this game reached that point:

It felt like it was happening all over again. Weekend games in February - melt all the way down at the end of the game. Sunday the 4th, then Saturday the 10th, now Saturday the 17th.

And I was preparing that article in my head. I had a conversation with someone last week about how going to all of these road arenas (as a fan who dies inside when we blow a big lead) is just not something many people do. There are media members who cover road games, but there aren't many fans who sign up for "I'll go there and I'll listen to everyone around me celebrate while I'm crumbling on the inside and then I'll do it again and again and again." And this game seemed to be yet another February weekend where we were going to blow a late lead.