Phone Dump

Phone Dump

In an hour and 12 minutes it's my anniversary. And my wife is actually in LA for work, so she's only 70 miles north of here. But I won't be able to see her until a late dinner tomorrow night because... we made match play again.

(And if we make it to the finals on Wednesday, I'll have to drive back down to Carlsbad for the title match Wednesday after our anniversary dinner tomorrow night.)

It's also seven hours from the semifinal matchup with Georgia Tech. So I don't have much time to write anything because I need to get to sleep, get up, take a shower, and head back to La Costa for yet another Illini match play appearance (we're now tied with Oklahoma State for the most ever). That means this article will be just a phone dump. Interviews, a few videos, and then I'm off to bed.

Let's start with the interviews. Mike Small's team did this...

...and then I chatted with him about it immediately afterward: