No Notes

No Notes
Holly Birch-Smith - IlliniBoard

Here's the exercise I put my brain through this afternoon. I've found that I'm perfectly content with the 2023-24 basketball season. No notes. I would have loved to beat UConn, then Alabama, and then Purdue to win the national title, but UConn took us to the woodshed. If you tilted your head at UConn being favored by 8.5 in that game, well, here's why:

It wasn't just our 0-17. They were 11-15 from the floor and 6-7 from the line, grabbing 15 of the 21 rebounds during those nine minutes.

But that was what it was. It's Tuesday now. And I feel pretty good about the season as a whole. Really good, actually. It made me wonder... when is the last time I was perfectly content with a basketball season?

I understand that only the national champions are 100% satisfied with how their season ended (the national champions + maybe a few teams that won four games last year, hired a new coach, and then went 17-15 this year), but we're talking "content" here. When is the last time I was this content?