Illini Night Contest 2024

Illini Night Contest 2024

This is at least the 10th year we've done this. And it's also the latest I've ever put up the post. But the family is at the beach, I just came back to the rental house to grab something, so I'm taking these 12 minutes of quiet to put this out there.

It's very simple. The Cardinals are hosting Illini Night next Wednesday, June 12th. The game is at 6:45 vs. the Pirates. They've given me four tickets plus four Illini/Cardinals tumblers to give away. So the winner of this contest gets all of that just for winning the contest as the contest winner who won.

Here's a larger picture of the tumblers. I think they're tumblers. Is the word for these "tumblers?"

So if you want to tailgate with your terrific tumblers, win this contest. Here's how to win:

Just email me (Robert at Illiniboard dot com) and let me know who you want to take to the game. Your mom and dad, your kids - whoever. Just tell me a quick story of why and I'll announce the winner on Sunday night when I get back from vacation. And then the Cardinals will send you the tickets and the vouchers to pick up the tumblers at the game.

If you don't win the contest but you still want to see the Cardinals and Pirates (and get Illini tumblers of your own), the theme tickets are available here. You have to follow that link for tickets in order to get the deal with the tumblers. I've said "tumblers" way too many times here.

There you go. 12 minutes. I'm headed back to the beach in this super cook HUK rash guard long sleeve shirt that makes me look like every other midwest tourist swimming in the Gulf of Mexico but I can't not be that guy. Time to go be that guy again.

Email me. Win.