Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'

I'm not really fishing. I can't remember the last time I went fishing, actually. At least three years since I dropped a line in the water. But going back to the pre-IlliniBoard days, whenever I went on vacation, I'd put up the Gone Fishin' sign.

So there's nothing to read here. You might remember that I wrote this in March when discussing all of the travel involved with an Elite Eight run:

At the beginning of the month, my wife and I took a trip to see our son and daughter-in-law. We didn’t take this trip together, however. We actually hadn’t seen each other in six days. She was on a three city business trip and we met in Idaho for the weekend. Then she flew off to Texas and I flew back to Chicago and drove down to the Purdue game (a day late because of the accident on I-84 in Idaho that I tweeted about maybe 25 times). 

My wife then got home that Thursday night and we got to see each other Friday and Saturday. Then that Sunday morning I headed off to Iowa. By the time I got home Monday afternoon, she had flown out to Arizona. She got home late Wednesday night, but I was already off to Minneapolis for the Big Ten Tournament. 

I got home from the BTT in the wee hours of Monday the 18th but my wife had left Sunday afternoon for another business trip. And you guessed it. By the time she flew back to Champaign on Wednesday night, I was already in Omaha for the 1st and 2nd round games. So the family issue that came up over the weekend which required both of us to be in St. Louis was also a “hi - what’s your name again?” reunion for my wife and I.

This morning, she had to leave on another three-day trip. And yes, by the time she returns Wednesday night, I’ll be in Boston. Hopefully for the full weekend. Her trips are all Sunday-Wednesday or Monday-Thursday and my trips are all Wednesday through Sunday. In the month of March we’ll have slept in our bed next to each other in Champaign for… four total nights? When I tell you we’re taking a vacation after spring football, we are taking a vacation

And that's now. Actually, we've planned two trips - this one and a full week with the whole fam in June. So you're not going to see anything here on the site until Tuesday. I haven't taken a "not writing anything for a week" trip in a long time, but this is that trip. I wrote the Mike Small post on Tuesday, and I'll write the next PMP article next Tuesday.

Gone Fishin'. Not really. But... see you Tuesday.