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September 26, 2016 @ 02:31 PM

I'll be pleasantly surprised if this team makes the NCAA tourney. Sure on paper their HS rankings indicate they should be a tourney team but that was six years ago for some of these guys. Ranked today I'd guess we'd be about 9th in the B1G. Illini basketball will not return to what we expect this year. But the 2017 recruiting class has that potential. It would be great for the basketball team to over perform this year as that might generate even more recruiting momentum. Let's not forget where the experts picked our football team to be this year and how many fans thought we were a bowl team. Experts turned out to be pretty right on there and I suspect they won't be far off on the basketball predictions either. The excitement for both programs is in the future still. But that's ok because there have been times recently where we haven't even had much hope for the future. #WeWillWin

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